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Festival of Writing 2016 Part Seven

The first of Sunday’s workshops I attended was Kerry Fisher’s Pipe Dream to Publication which looked into how to increase a book’s chances of success.

Rejection is a big part of the writing process. It can be soul destroying but it can also help you learn where you went wrong and how to get better. It is important to keep believing in yourself and to keep practicing and learning.
One way of getting noticed is to publish your work yourself. You are in control of everything, you can learn the publishing business and it can be done at a low cost.
Other tips we were given included making sure there was conflict in each chapter that tested the characters until the end. It is also important to weave in the backstory when relevant and to skip the boring bits. Going on courses and joining writers groups are helpful too.
It is important to be on good terms with everyone you meet at an event or over the Internet as the world of publishing is a small one.

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