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Read Through History September 2016

So, during festivals, day job and scribblings, here is what I’ve been reading during the thirty days that September had:

1) 1066 Turned Upside Down by Various Authors. This is a collection of stories that imagine if the events of 950 years ago took a different turn. We have several very interesting pathways that are taken here and I recommend you have a look.

2) Skein and Bone by V. H. Leslie. Here is a collection of some really good and chilling short stories from an up and coming author. This is perfect for Halloween and Christmas.

3) Dark Eden by Chris Beckett. A bit of science fiction now which imagines a lost colony of humans marooned generations ago on a distant planet.

4) Collaborator by Murray Davies. This is an alternative history that imagines a Nazi Occupation of Britain and follows a man who works as a translator for the occupiers but falls into the Resistance Movement. I liked this very much.

5) Scent of Death by Andrew Taylor. This is a historical crime novel set in Revolutionary America where a British lawyer investigates a murder.

6) Revelation by C. J. Sansom. The fourth installment in the Shardlake series where the lawyer investigates a series of religious themed murders.

7) Black Powder by Ally Sherrick. This is a novel set in 1605 that is aimed at younger people but it can be enjoyed by adults too.

And that’s September. Now Autumn is coming! (Doesn’t have the same ring as winter, really, does it?)


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