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Stalking Leviathan: A Bestiary of Tales

Yes, my friends, there is a New Anthology in Town! The good people that are the Random Writers have written a rip-roaring round of tales (not tails) that go in search of mythical and legendary creatures from all over time and space. There are stories set during the Irish Civil War, Elizabethan England, Persia, France, the wide open sea, and many more.

The cover is also an amazing work of art, take a look here. It is available in print and electronic formats.

Featuring the brilliant authors Karen Ginnane, Martin J. Gilbert, Matthew Willis, Shell Bromley, M. E. Vaughan, J. A. Ironside, Gail Jack, L. Wilson and William Angelo this is not a book to be missed.

And I’ve got something in there too.

Also, be sure to check out the other two anthologies the Randoms have put together: A Seeming Glass and Something Rich and Strange too.



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